I Am Goda / Aš esu Goda
2012 • fiction • DVD • colour • 16:9 • English subtitles


Armas Rudaitis


Armas Rudaitis
Lina Simutytė
Vykintas Labanauskas


Valdas Jarutis


Armas Rudaitis

Sound designer

Dalia Imbrasaitė


Domas Morkūnas


Ieva Delininkaitytė
Eglė Valadkevičiūtė


Justinas Piliponis
Kotryna Sarcevičiūtė

Production company

Pilou Films

World sales

Pilou Films
Justinas Piliponis
Architektų g. 42-10, Vilnius
„Aš esu Goda“ [‘I am Goda’] – short feature movie, which reveals that we are building the reality by ourselves, and there is no difference if it is life or cinema. Main character, young girl named Goda is working at flowers’ salon as a gifts’ packer. Goda is living in her own world and she doesn’t want to let somebody into it. Goda’s passion is origami. She is doing it all the time and it also interferes her to live a normal full-fledged life, about what she is dreaming. One day to the flowers‘ salon came a mysterious guy, who left a gift. This gift reveals for Goda something what she never knows before.


Armas Rudaitis (b. 1991), born and live in Vilnius, has finnish name inherited from his grandmother who was born in Finland. Since 2010 he is studying directing at Lithuanian music and theatre academy. He is an active member of different social youth activities, writing texts wich are publicized at different magazines, also graduated “Skalvija” cinema school, course of documentary. A.Rudaitis is young director, who doesn’t see a big difference between feature and documentary movies, but he estimates to documentary. „Aš esu Goda“ [‘I am Goda’] is the first solid feature experiment of this director. Motto: “There are no coincidences. Only the illusion of coincidence”.


„Laisvės kapitonas“ [The Captain of Freedom’], short documentary (2010).
„Setisfekšion“ [‘Setisfeksion’], short feature (2011).
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„Aš esu Goda“ [‘I am Goda’], short feature (2012).